Solder a few wires to the correct places, and crimp a RJ11 connector to those wires. The homey would be a perfect device to realize this. Send private message Website. The Dutch Smart Meter has a P1 connection. If there anyone can do that , you have an extra usb. Sign In or Register to comment.

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I have been reading about P1 cables all p1 usb signed the internet, but since you have the same meter as I do, I am willing to take you up on the offer in your signature, as I want to go out signef buy a Raspberry Pi p1 usb signed, and start making data logs. I can see usg value of an app that is possible to read data from a database that has the energy data but as mentioned already since you can then query Homey for statistics, but you would be better off with something else as a datalogger then your Homey like a RPi.

And the system is for free when you transfer, also comes with 2 smart wall plugs. I used p1 usb signed FTDI version before pp1 you need to reprogram them before use.

There have been l1 projects which have demonstrated that providing real-time us meaningful insight in a household’s energy use can have a significant impact on the energy bill. Energy monitoring isn’t the most obvious use of Homey, but I think it should be a primary function of any modern home automation platform. Pay attention to which chip your cable has, the cables with PL are advertised a lot, but they don’t automatically invert the data.


P1 usb signed edited August In any case i think you will need something that connects the p1 usb signed to the network since you don’t want to place your beautiful new homey in a fuse-closet.

Best way to connect Smart Meter P1 with Homey

If you own a NAS which already sits in the fuse closet this might be an option as well. It uses a fifthplay box, which has an api available when you google.

As you can see some characters look like they could be ok but there are also many that aren’t. I would like to implement it in Domoticz but my programming knowledge is p1 usb signed so good that I can do that.

Hi there, I use a raspberry P1 usb signed to connect with a P1-usb kabel to the “slimmemeter”. Last edited by j0shua on Sunday 29 March Bitbucket I’m not very active anymore on this forum as i don’t use Domoticz anymore.

This reveals the pcb, on which you can solder the wires. Please read Welcome to the forum to get started. HL also works fine. I have a P1 usb signed nas but can’t find a app for it, So I was thinking on a Raspberry p1 as well, but i don’t know of there is any support for Homey. P1 usb signed am attaching a screen shot of signwd terminal.

The colored rings of the resistor translate the value: You can also go to athom. I just want a better view of my energy flow during p1 usb signed day, evening, and night.


Particle P1 USB Port for Programming? – Hardware – Particle

Sign In or Register to comment. Comes standard with its own dashboard for PC which works on mobile devices also web browser.

I search on Google, and found this: Some meters p1 usb signed their data out inverted. One of the most compelling use cases for home automation has been saving on energy. Happens to be the same as yours. The Dutch Smart Meter has a P1 connection. Ask your Homey-related questions in this category. If the cable doesn’t automatically re-inverts this p1 usb signed to normal, the data is unreadable. Hi, I have searched the forum already, but i was wondering what kind of device will be best suitable to read the Smart Energy meter counters.

I hope that i can use the Homey to read the data via wifi. It should be very easy to write some code which runs on an RPi and sends the received P1 “slimme meter” data to Homey. P1 usb signed use a raspberry P1 to connect with a P1-usb kabel to the “slimmemeter”.