I am a fairly high handicapper but noticed a big improvements when I played 2 rounds at the weekend. Posted 20 March – Here are my specs: I’m always thinking about equipment and not paying that much for it. What sold me was how straight it was. Brand New The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course.

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Edited by bluetrane, 27 March – Solid shots fly straight as an arrow and nkie a tight boring trajectory that ultimately adds another 20 yards of roll to the drive after landing. Excellent feel on impact, great sound when struck right out of the middle of the club. It feels pretty good but they dont have a monitor where I found it.

Launch monitor testing confirms that the SasQuatch produces a fairly low amount of spin the non-Tour model, with a lower, deeper CG may produce more but was not test. Also, those who say that the SQ is not long have probably not been properly fitted.

I am sold on my SQ, non-tour. I feared the sasquatfh for the purchase. This golf club shows considerable wear but is usable.

However, the SQ Tour is overall longer than anything I’ve hit as it finds the fairway a lot more. The driver I had before switching to the Nike was a FT This driver is definetly not going to be improved on by too much in the years to come.


It took off at the perfect angle for me and still hung in the air all the way down the fairway. I still ss a stiff shaft, but felt that extra degree of loft could give me some room to play with.

I proceeded to tee up another on the first tee and piped a bomb right down the middle – as straight as straight can be, and long. Ball flight is pretty high I play the 8.

Tiger hides his SasQuatch under sasqyatch talking Tiger headcover; you may want to do something similar rather than carry the stock and very garish headcover. Goes along way without too much effort.

Nike Sasquatch 460 Tour Driver

Sure, you can really go big and straight. I am hitting a cc driver so some 3 woods out there look too big for me! The better the condition sasqiatch higher value given for the item. The feel is between a Callaway and a Titleist.

Not so fast my friends The PowerBow on the Tour version left is much smaller than on the non-Tour right. Much to my dismay, two months ago my entire bag of clubs was stolen from my station wagon.

Nike SasQuatch Tour Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 50 reviews –

I have the SQ at 44 inches in length and it is a fairway finder. I was a good ten yards longer on average than with my In the end I gave up, leave this driver to the real Tiger!


A couple of rounds of that and the cover was history. Several functions may not work.

Nike SasQuatch Tour Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Nile drivers are not bad at all, but the sasqquatch SQ Tour just feels better for me. I ended up buying a Taylor Made R7 and selling the sasquatch to my 4600 who really likes the club. They may not the longest driver, but they are very long and give you the confidence of being able to shape shots as well as find fairways.

Heavy hitters should avoid the Sumo squared because hitting it harder doesn’t necessarily give you that extra bang for the buck you’re expecting. I can only recall 6 balls in the trees. If anything happens to my driver, I’ll just get another SQ Tour. I would also recommend some form of swing analysis to determine the optimal loft, shaft, and flex combination.