Filter parameters are configurable for each input point, resulting in the ability to specify a custom End-Of-Line EOL resistance value, sensitivity range and timing parameter. When used, the B reader will be tied to the A reader in terms of the interlock relationships pertaining to Door operation. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The system has not been verified for compliance with UL Did you mention your dealer went out of business when you contacted Honeywell? The system shall include the capability to configure alarms and incorporate scheduled events that may be activated by either time or a specific programmed event. Operation is subject to the following twoconditions:

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An error shall be displayed in the log file if honeuwell existing badge record is found. The Honeywell NetAXS modular access control system shall function as a web-based open architecture facility management system that tracks individuals, defines and controls access levels, monitors alarms, and generates reports.

The Sticker shall be warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for two years.

Honeywell NETAXS-123 User Manual

A pathway shall be an object that combines input points to be masked honegwell for a set duration, and an output point to be activated, when a particular card receives a local grant at a reader. Refers to the “front end” that a user must interact with to allow access.

The ISMS shall be installed in a computer that supports 1 to 10 readers, cards, and 2 communication ports. A method of encoding information using lines and blank spaces of varying size and thickness to represent alphanumeric characters.


The number of client computers varies based on the licensing information of ISMS. Hardware templates shall allow a user to define a “typical” door configuration and then use that template over and over in the process of defining doors. Access Control Functional Requirements: The door access system shall allow you to purchase the exact amount of access control doors immediately required, and to easily add more access controlled doors in the future.


The Security Management System shall provide multiple levels of data encryption.

Honeywell Security and Fire Access Control Specification

Reads standard proximity format data from OmniProx cards and outputs data in Wiegand format. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

The Security Management System shall support a real-time system status monitor that graphically depicts all logical devices. The USB connection is Operating systems supporting a standard web browser shall be capable of utilizing the thin client architecture. Shall provide the ability to automatically display stored “video image” of cardholder, and switch real-time camera from CCTV or digital video server to card reader location for specific card usage.

Set the relay jumpers. Visitor pre-registration to include security level, length of stay, and maximum entries. Security Management System shall include the capability to create an unlimited number of customized alarm pages for the alarm monitor and each shall be assignable to users and user classes. Security Management System users are able to control and monitor group and zone status using the Security Management System client, and control the individual zones and groups using Security Management System Access control credentials.

A reference program within most software programs that provides basic descriptions and instructions on how to use that software program. This feature protects against more than one person using the same card or number. During construction maintain record drawings indicating location of equipment and wiring. The communications between the server and workstations shall be supervised, and shall automatically generate alarm messages when the server is unable to communicate with a workstation.


The Security Management System Shall maintain information related to a badge holder’s card access privileges. Shall provide the ability for dynamic alarm monitoring of alarm points in real time on the system computer’s video display terminal.

Shall provide the ability to address up to serial communication ports per communication server, where each port can be configured for either hardwired, or dial-up.

All equipment and systems shall be guaranteed by the Contractor for a period of one year netaxxs with the filing date of the Notice of Completion, provided the system has been inspected and signed off by the Owner. The Security Management System shall provide fully integrated support for a powerful network and digital video recording and transmission system. The ISMS control at a central computer location shall be under the control of a single software program and shall provide full integration of all components.

The recommended hardware requirements to fulfill this installation are:.

Filter parameters are configurable for each input point, resulting in the ability to specify a custom End-Of-Line EOL resistance joneywell, sensitivity range and timing parameter.

Time zones may be assigned to cards via access levels to define when the card is allowed access.