It supports auto cross-over feature. I confirm this too, i just asked my reseller to give me an equivalent instead of the Corsair 8 Gb Flash Voyager. I tried to install ubuntu 7. Use static electricity discharge precautions. At least I don’t have to reboot into my other partiton of winxp to use it.. HDA Intel Kernel modules: Car reader 5 in 1 can read SD cards only after installing drivers.

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I Use Ubuntu Juanty 9. There could be a way to start with custom boot options or messing with RAID, but i haven’t tried that. I guess the sound and video’s drivers are in place.

TeamPad400G Specifications

I hope that it is fixed soon. I irca the automatic Test of Hardware included in ubuntu 8. IEEE wikipedialookup. Forced to keep Windows to be able to use this device.: Intel Corei3 integrated graphics using 9.

Frontech USB to IrDA Model №: JIL – Железо –

The laptop can not come out of a suspend. Logitech 3 Hardware Model: Samsung YP-Q1 pmp Issue: You will need to configure these yourself. Every single How to I have found does not work. The only solution I have found so far is to boot the kernel from Hardy 2. Please someone help me im dual booting with Xp SP3. I’ll be interested if anyone has any idea what is wrong in Karmic hardware detection.

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Realtek, unknown model number -Wifi Card: MB works fine with Ubuntu 8. I have loaded Ubuntu 8. Thanks to all of you, and keep all the good work. Hi i have just started to get to know linux a frojtech of a novice really.

Will try the software forum to see if there is irca way around this, but with my limited experience this seems most likely a hardware problem. Medium Fronetch [current] Nov 7 However, this piece of hardware is made for live sound perfomances, making Ubuntu Studio with a real-time kernel the preferred distro for lower latency.

As in any normal computer that uses the “Desktop Install” of Ubuntu, by desktop install it means not server.

Latest Laser Mouse Of Frontech

More work needs to be done to insure older monitors work correctly, as many of us linux users manipulate a lot of devices. So, I am a complete noob. The akasa internal card reader Model No.

Wireless USB wikipedialookup. I tried to install ubuntu 7.


Lag wikipedialookup. Had a minor breakthrough where the ststem didn’t freeze right after booting, but after minutes instead Can’t restart, as it sometimes instructs me to do.

I blame the monitor for not being standards compliant and giving wrong EDID information to xorg.

I have reverted back to 8.