That and its smaller size make it particularly useful from less than perfect lies from the fairway and light rough. The neutral weights have a uniform weight throughout, while the draw-fade tubes have a heavier side. This is our most recent venture. Zak Kozuchowski Jan 17, at 2: Yes, the XCG7 is going to be the least workable, and the CB Pro is going to allow for the most creativity, but really all of these fairway woods will do what golfers ask of them, provided they have the skill to do so. You May Like Golf Gold.

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Four advanced-position hexahedron weight pads maximize MOI for greater stability. It will help increase accuracy off the tee as well as decent distance. This is our most recent venture.

I left those in, as I wanted to show how forgiving this club can be. Every time I put the club to the test in a different situation it rose to the occasion and offered me very exotics xcg7 beta and repeatable results.

On the course exotics xcg7 beta where the M2 fairway wood really shines.

Eventually I accepted the tiny fade and just began to really enjoy that repeatable shot shape. Free agent Grand Slam? But a solid hit with the CB Pro feels effortless and explosive, exotics xcg7 beta because of the reduced drag that the Slip-Stream Sole offers.


Nice review Jake, not often do we see a driver touted with a lower intended flight…. SureFit CG driver weights cannot be used in fairway woods, and vice versa, due to their different sizes. For exotics xcg7 beta information visit their website at www. Well, maybe … the distance IS pretty awesome.

In fact, exptics never.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta Driver: ClubTest Review, Driver Reviews

Equipment 2 weeks exotics xcg7 beta. Mark March 22, – 8: The XCG7 Beta targets better players, with smaller, cubic-centimeter head that has a deeper face to help golfer achieve a more penetrating trajectory. I would like to start off by pointing out that I will never try and discredit another product. The second I took the driver in my hands I could tell it was going to be a stable exotics xcg7 beta.

The feedback from GolfWRX Members on each fairway wood will lead to toward a few models that match your needs and desires. I began this testing opportunity pleasantly surprised with the looks of the driver and that continued with each test that I put exotics xcg7 beta XCG7 Beta through.

This driver has variable thickness across the face to maximize the spring-like effect exotics xcg7 beta impact. DeiVias January 9, – 9: Like the XCG7 Beta, it has a beta titanium face that is exotics xcg7 beta to a hyper-steel body.


I think they need to expand their visibility a little because from everything I read, their products are absolutely top notch.

Love seeing all these companies pushing the envelope with technology. The Open Championship. Sleek, pear-shaped profile and matte finish; midsize clubhead with a classic look inspires confidence and an aggressive swing.

What a great looking driver. Man, these new fairway woods are amazing. I am exotics xcg7 beta an amatuer golfer working at exotics xcg7 beta golf course in Springfield, MO.

Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 and XCG7 Beta drivers

They have more of a muted sound and softer feel at impact, which is no doubt exotics xcg7 beta by filling the Active Recoil Channel. For that reason, it will be the longer-flying TaylorMade fairway wood for most golfers. Great pairing with the stock shaft also! Both have great ball speeds, both are forgiving, and both pretty easily hit that shot. TaylorMade M2 Fairway Woods.

The dimpled portion of the sole enables the face to flex more, which leads to faster ball speeds.