If the problem persists, contact your network administrator and provide the troubleshooting information below. You can find the appropriate APN here. Sony Ericsson Fg configuration explained on wammu website. GoToState not working on Window. You can use Wammu to receive and send SMS. But you still can change the the behavior of the NMEA stream by sending the appropriate. You should see the following:

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Hello, I have a similar problem that I couldn’t fix while upgrading from Vista to W7.

Either way, all the drivers are much newer: Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. No antenna and no sim-card slot. Anyway, let me know how you go, and if I missed anything in my instructions. It ericssson default behaviour is a best signal approachand roaming policies.

Windows 7 Ericsson FG WWAN Driver Problems – Lenovo Community

Hello Potential Helpers out there. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. It has slightly different chat scripts that establish a WWAN connection more reliably, even in case of a partially-initialized modem.


To get GPS to work: Now my problem is that the wireless lan managers still seem not to recognize the wwan card. The crucial thing about the new driver is the change in version from 4.

Of course, you always need to install branded software to switch the module on or off: I uninstalled thinkpad access connections, and then installed WM5. You can do it with any terminal terminal program like cu or minicom. Share This Page Tweet. One obvious change is that it shows up in the networks list accessed via the system tray like so:. Message 5 of Yesterday I decided to remove intel turbo memory chip, because after installing a SSD it was really slowing down boot time.


How to get Ericsson F3507g Mobile Broadband card working on Windows 7 & Lenovo Thinkpad T400s

Views Read View source View history. The issues I’m having are unreliable network connection, its unclear if it is a result of access connections, the card driver or other. After installing wammu with the usual apt-get install wammu or whateverchoose to configure it “Manually”:. Once the card is turned on, there are two ways to connect to the net.


Same problem on X I have not been able to find a similar tool ericdson Ericsson directly erivsson yet.

I’ve had similar problems connecting to carriers here in Europe when using Lenovo’s Access Connection. To shut it down, say ifdown usb0 or ifdown 3G. Have you ercisson the inof on the following site?

Information and comments on this article could still be relevant to ericssln so read on The “cold start” seems to take quite a bit however, and sometimes it cannot get a fix if indoors. Ercisson Sign In Help. Communication with WAN service provider could not be established because the wireless radio is off.

Message 1 of After installing the new driver no need to uninstall the previous oneyou will have the following new devices in device manager:. You can find the appropriate APN here. The wwan-helper script is a simpler alternative to the “Scripting everything” section.