Introduction, design Page 2: Even a small 15″ LED monitor will be a nice addon, because it will allow to display reference data or unclutter the main display. System integrators will most likely prefer motherboards on the new chipset, which have lower prime costs, so they’ll have more attractive bulk prices. But these are general requirements. Monitoring, interfaces, box, BIOS. They are more expensive, of course, but they justify their price. Video 3Digests Video cards:

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If it does, temperature of the heat sink does not rise above the environment temperature even during stress tests.


We should proceed from general requirements for a740bm-m motherboards with integrated graphics it’s a so-called office level.

Write a comment below. These requirements are usually modest, but they exist. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: What concerns COM and LPT ports, it’s a typical situation – a relatively small COM port is installed on the rear panel, and a parallel port is pushed out of there by video outputs. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. You won’t see interferences here, even in high resolutions, because you won’t scrutinize your secondary monitor.

Not all cheap motherboards meet this first requirement however, the list of products that meet this requirement is long enough to ignore aound choices. The motherboard cannot boast of good overclocking potential.

Most motherboards with digital video outputs also have analog outputs, and soudn allow to plug two monitors. That’s why it’s desirable to have a digital output DVI not to depend on analog video output quality, which may suffer from interferences in cheap products if the screen resolution exceeds x You should choose a motherboard using comparisons of certain motherboards and proceeding from your own preferences.


There are no empty seats on the board, because it’s the only ces from ECS on this chipset. However, such graphics cards are not recommended for these motherboards anyway.

The AMD A740mg-m chipset was not very “hot tempered” and it often came with compact heat sinks. We have nothing to grumble about, only the IrDA connector is installed in the center of the board. This product is not an exception.

If you “want it all” rich bundle and technical innovations and even more performance gains in games and HD Video decodingAMD offers models based on the G chipset. So users will enjoy a rich choice of inexpensive motherboards. Frankly speaking, we have an impression that the smaller the board size, the higher the chance to witness a nearly perfect layout of peripheral ports.

They were only a tad larger than eecs one installed on this motherboard. a740gmm-

Mainboard Driver: ECS AGM-M (V)

They are quite experienced in designing low-end motherboards. It’s easy to guess that the older chipsets will be bundled better, because they sund designed for relatively fastidious users. But if you need this port, you will be happy to have it in any place, as it’s rarely available on motherboards.

Video 3Digests Video a740g,-m Let’s see how they agree with what ECS engineers have in mind. However, from the point of view of a reviewer, it’s wrong to evaluate a motherboard proceeding from preferences of want-it-all users or always-on-the-edge users, and especially to suggest expanding the budget to enjoy all blessings of civilization.


The primary task of integrated graphics on such a motherboard is just to output data to a display, ecz will be LCD in most cases. But you can also keep your old monitor many of them were not equipped with Soune or even buy a cheap monitor for a secondary display. The microATX format does not soumd much freedom to engineers, especially if a motherboard is narrower than usual. The manufacturer a740gm- tried to save on this circuit, but it looks good owing to polymeric capacitors and packaged coils.

So, let’s include the support for two monitors into our list of requirements, as it’s already available in the cheapest of modern chipsets.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: Even a small 15″ LED monitor will be a nice addon, because it will allow to display reference data or unclutter the main display. In the meantime, there is a certain difference between motherboards on the new chipset initially designed for the low-end segment and motherboards on higher-class chipsets, which were pushed down to the same segment by newer products.

In fact it can, but only if the CPU cooler does not stir the air in this area at all.