Though Hewlett-Packard has reported that LightScribe labels should last the lifespan of the disc itself, it is recommended that one keep his discs stored away from heat and direct sunlight, as the label may begin to fade prematurely. Om de labels te kunnen ontwerpen is speciale software nodig, al ondersteunt Nero vanaf versie 0. Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse: LabelFlash turns the blue area of the disc clear when the laser works on it, which makes the disc label very readable. The official web site is ridiculously primitive, the software is worse, and without software the hardware is useless. Dvd’s die compatibel zijn met Labelflash kunnen ook langs de andere kant beschreven worden als de dvd niet helemaal vol staat, bijvoorbeeld om de datum waarop het schijfje is gebrand aan te brengen.

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If you’d rather use something other than LabelFlash Index Maker to burn your labels and I’m pretty sure you willand your hardware didn’t include software, you may have trouble finding software to do the job.

I was also curious to find out why LightScribe is so much more popular.

Then click Disc Scan. The central essential question is whether or not such technology will be able to withstand the test of time with such cheap disc labeling methods available such as the Sharpie. LabelFlash provides additional templates on their website, but there is no way to add them to the software.

Junior 3D Gaming Rig”. Reviewers, such as Gordon Laing for Personal Computer Worldalso noted that when compared to LightScribe, Labelflash images looked more “unnatural” and less “vibrant”.


In contrast to its predecessor, Labelflash technology allows you to burn images and text to both the label and data sides of a disc. I suspect not, but better safe than sorry.

First of all, there seems to be a difference of opinion as to whether you should finalize a disc preventing more data from being written before attempting to label it.

Hewlett-Packard discontinued support of LightScribe technology in Beautiful and highly portable! I have burned labels using Nero Express Essentials SEthe OEM software that came with my Pioneer drive, and it works well, but it takes a while to figure the process out. Yamaha discontinued support of Labelflash and DiscT 2 technology in DiscT 2 had been developed and released by Yamaha inbut unlike LightScribe technology, DiscT 2 only allowed people to burn a design to the unused part of the data side of a disc.

Don’t go by this picture’s quality—this is what happens when you find that your poor old digital camera has finally given up the ghost and you have dvr take pictures with your semi-smart phone.

Het branden van een svd neemt op de snelste modus ongeveer vijf minuten tijd in labelflazh. Om de labels te kunnen ontwerpen is speciale software nodig, al ondersteunt Nero vanaf versie 0.

LightScribe vs. Labelflash: A Disc Labeling Cold War

Once burned, a label cannot be erased from the disc. More info I agree.

Though this may help lengthen the lifespan of the label, there are no exact quotes on the lifespan of the labels. Keeping in mind that in the case of LabelFlash Index Maker you get what you pay for, let’s burn a label.

LabelFlash – Wikipedia

Tom’s goes for the burn”. Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse review: Retrieved from ” https: I have some thoughts on the reasons why LightScribe is more common than LabelFlashwhich I will talk about at the end of this article. Once you labeoflash burned your data to the disc, using whatever software you prefer, you will need to eject the disc and turn it over so that its other side the side that is a darker blue is facing down.


The ZenScreen MB16AC is designed for people who are used to working on dual screen setups and who want the same experience while traveling.

This is possible due to the way the disc drive burns the design and the fact that graphics and text are written to the disc due to the the darkening of the ink, while the ink of Labelflash discs lightens to create an image and can only become so light.

The resolution is adjustable between and dpi dots per inch. Now LightScribe and Labelflash have been competing with each other to gain recognition as the sole leader in direct disc labeling technology. The big disadvantage to this technology was that the design size was often limited due to a large amount of written data. Once you’ve done that, click Burn and your burn will start. Upgrading and Repairing PCs: In fact, not even all the images that come with the software are available on the list of templates.

If you want to find out more about it and whether you should buy it or not, read our review.