Talk about Windows codec hell It can get confusing considering there are so many codecs, add to that, that some applications require VFW codecs, while others need WDM drivers. PIC Video, and Morgan both work. Try not to install too many codecs at once. I’ll try Gspot later and report back. It would had just be a funny thing to get another card working which runs under Vdub and WinDVR just for tsting, cause the driver of my dc30 a modified dc10 driver won’t be recognised by those apps. You can test the filter by looking at a resolution test pattern. But anyhow its better to do the audio capturing in case of the dc30 via a good mainboard sound device cause the dc30 Soundchip got a bug on the right channel.

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PIC Video, and Morgan both work.

• Leggi argomento – miro dc30

A captured streaming flv video file being VERY difficult to convert. I then un-installed the canopus codec and wsm the cedocida codec to see if I would have the same file size problem after re-rendering to the Matrox codec, but now the files wont play! I now have a Matrox X card installed. You’d have to do the filter post for the BT.



I have changed nothing with these specific files. I’ve heard about this but I never thought that there could be such a high quality difference, thats why I started the thread. This maybe why “it’s better”. You can select standard “upper field first” and DV-compatible “lower field first”.

THis might be your chip: But you can see my problem that in comparison to the Dc30 the a comes with this “more vc30 and “horizontal-noise” phenomenom. This CD contained the new driver 1. Well it seems that it isn’t an amplifier needed – problem. Problem with BT output in compar. I’ve never ben able to try it, nor find any other info on it, though I still hear about it.

My guess is that the DVD picture will look better on the BT if there is high detail like credits in the picture, especially thru s-video.

Captured huffy AVI, convert to mpg poor. So I’ll post the pics later. Wd, typical Pinnacle but there is a guy in Germany that wrote an XP driver if you google. But that’s just a guess.

I’m going with avih’s 1. My support is privat! I did some tests with exactly same sources, said the same channels said the same original noise the broadcast comes with. Thanks to all for the replies! This money is for my help and future updates of my homepage and drivers.


Click on file, open video file, make sure ” Popup extended open Options ” is checked. It sounds like you have several files from different capture sources. Google [Bot] e 0 ospiti. Can someone give me an advice what’s wrong with the bta card?

The sample was a Winny The Poo cartoon holloween special. This test was done under the exact same workout condition logic.

Here is the thread that started it all, for your reference, so you know where I’m comming from too: Bye Maik Webmaster www. I’m unfamilliar with the DC Originally posted by incredible Trevlac, I don’t think the philips chip can treat such noise that good: