Windows 10 and Windows Server make use of H. Locate and open the captured CSV file to display the results. If you are ever submitting an HDX bug — you can use the xml export feature of HDX monitor or the output of the wmic commands to provide information on the graphics mode. Citrix recommend you use one of these templates based on your requirements and if you need to tweak the policy slightly you can. Setting such as Windows Wallpaper and Menu animations disabled.

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Framehawk will take precedence over other graphics modes if for example DCR is also enabled.

How to Determine HDX Display Mode

Citrix provides automatic translation to increase access to support content; however, automatically-translated articles may can contain errors. Receiver for Mac Open a Case Online. Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7. Uses frame rate of 30FPS. Watching a YouTube video for roughly 1 minute.

Turning it off makes some images, like text over a complex background appear sharper. Fallback for endpoints that are not compatible with the H. If enabled, adaptive display is disabled and switch to progressive display.


“Use Video Codec for Compression”: to Use or Not to Use? | Citrix Blogs

Using this policy reduces user density per server and increases bandwidth consumption. Use this setting in a base Computer policy if you desire to change the default UDP ports used. There have been cases rhinwire a single user in compatibility mode have saturated a WAN connection. OSS does provide some bandwidth saving. If you are upgrading to 7.

On the left is compatibility mode which leaves artifacts and can result in blurry text. Increase user density on servers?

Is that also your experience? This tool would be targeted to admins and not users. Notify me of new comments via email. Look at the bandwidth consumption below when lossless is enabled.

How to Determine HDX Display Mode

Use video codec when preferred. The warning message on either tab is the simplest way to distinguish whether Legacy Mode is in use. There is one exception to this — again based on lack of data — which I will discuss next. DCR on ciyrix settings — Mbit consumed.

Thinwire+ Progessive Display for static imagery (Fuzzy First)

It runs as process ctxgfx. Keyboard and mouse operations can lag behind graphics updates. General opening of applications, typing, saving, and navigating through menus etc. This meant we [Citrix] had to move away from GDI, too. Provides a good user experience over these poor connections. If you are ever submitting an HDX bug — you can use the xml export feature of HDX monitor or the output of the wmic commands to provide information on the graphics mode.


Install HDX Monitor on a machine such as a management tools machine. Besides live switching through settings, Remote Display Analyzer is also able to switch between display modes.

This method will be used if H. Information This article provides an overview of frequently overlooked or dosplay settings that can be used to enhance graphics performance in XenDesktop, XenApp, and the Citrix Receiver.

DCR is also now available on Mac end-points with Receiver WDDM partly runs in user mode.