Not as long drives as my previous club but more than made up for in hitting more fairways. Distance wise both similar maybe the ft5 has a slight edge ; Ball does seem to explode more off the club face. I can still slice even with this club. The square head seems to help start the backswing better, and it has a great feel to it. The headcovers are different. Played my first round with it, and I made the right decision.

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For instance, better players who swing in to out will need to get a draw bias FT-i because the MOI weights mean that with a neutral bias FT-i the clubhead continues on the ‘out’ path through impact instead of ‘turning over’ at impact with standard driver.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. In our tests it certainly does keep off-centre hits straighter and they also vraw a good level of distance. I am consistently hitting flight drives.

So pleased to awuire one from golfbidder Drives go straight and long with this very forgiving club. As I understand it, the closed face actually increases the loft degree a bit…. How did that happen? I agree with alot of the other reviews about this ft-i ballooning the ball in the air.

Callaway FT-i Draw Driver Reviews – Golf Club Reviews – Golfbidder

If I was in the market for a new driver and had ffi earlier Fusion drivers, the FT-5 would be the one to make me change my mind.


The club arrived in time stipulated. The guy I play with looked at it and laughed. The sound of the FT-i was loud but not darw, and the feel was uniformly meaty on every shot no matter where on the face the ball was struck. Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

I had an ft3 draw last year and loved it but the club was in rough condition and the underbelly V symble had fallen off.

So in the end I would recommend the FT-I to golfers looking for a straighter ball flight. Still forgiving with mishits, but lots lost in terms of yardage off the tee….

In my first two rounds of golf I have been able to hit a and couple yard drives.

Callaway FTI 11 Degree Draw Driver

If you dont struggle with hitting fairways I would go with something else, because i know their are drivers that hit the ball further than the ft-i. I hope I made the right decision. Make sure you try it before you buy it though. People thought I was swinging a Volkswagon on a shaft and now that club looks so small…and the two ball putter was thought to be an odd looking club, too.

Breaking my game down and having lessons to correct it didn’t seem like an option for now so I decided to callawy for this club based on a friends recommendation. I could not stop smiling. The FT-5 is a refined, third-generation product that has had any bad traits bred out.


Today’s Golfer

When I got my FT-5 I liked the lower and wider profile of the clubhead and craw. As the sweet spot is effectively stretched over the face, bad shots are greatly reduced for the high handicapper. Both the FT-5 and FT-i drivers have a pair of available weight configurations — draw or neutral. This strategically shapes the face thickness in the key areas to create a much larger effective hitting area, making it extremely forgiving.

Travel Bags Shoe Bags. If you fancy the look of it then get fitted for head bias, loft and shaft.

The FT-5 is a refined, evolutionary update to the FT-3 driver from mid It still ended up in the fairway, but my driving distance draa only yards. Though it is the same size cc as the FT-3, the FT-5 looks bigger at address but less bulbous from the front and back. The club was pricey which makes the results I am getting a bit saltier. Most of my strokes calaway frm penalties by loosing balls due to my slice.

My strokes have improved by up to 25 meters.